Thunder - Xmas 2012 - The Mancunian Candidate

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Thunder - Xmas 2012 - The Mancunian Candidate


This is the live CD recorded at the triumphant 2012 Xmas shows in Manchester Academy on December 21st and 22nd of that year.

Not to be confused with the ticket buyer only exclusive CD (that one was sent to those who bought tickets for the shows).

This CD features some of the best bits of both nights..


1. Stand Up

2. Does It Feel Like Love

3. Weather With You

4. This Forgotten Town

5. I'll Be Waiting

6. Low Life In High Places

7. Amy's On The Run

8. Backstreet Symphony

9. Until My Dying Day

10. Might Just Take Your Life

11. Isn't It Time

12. River Of Pain

13. On The Radio

14. Born To Run

15. I Wish It Could Be Xmas Every Day