Thunder - Rock City 6 - The Smell Of Snow

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Thunder - Rock City 6 - The Smell Of Snow
Recorded on 20th December 2006 at Rock City, Nottingham UK, and released Feb 2007, this was the third Thunder Xmas show recorded there.

With the show format split between sit down semi acoustic and full on jump around electric sets, the music was a mix of Thunder songs and covers.

This is the live recording of some of the best bits, and of course features our intrepid bunch of five plus special guests. 


1. Don't Wait Up
2. All I Ever Wanted
3. Shake The Tree
4. My Brother Jake
5. Don't Wanna Talk About Love
6. My Darkest Hour
7. Starman
8. The Devil Made Me Do It
9. Sail Away
10. Tumbling Dice
11. Today The World Stopped Turning
12. River Deep, Mountain High
13. Happy Christmas (War Is Over)
14. Robert Johnson's Tombstone