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Rod Perkins 9 Sep 2016
    Melbourne should be nice and hot when you guys get here. Can't wait!! (do we need to hide the stools?)
Christopher Davidson 26 May 2016
    Been a fan since Dirty Love aired on MTV back when I was in high school. I would love for you to tour the U.S. The market is here, believe me. There are many bands from that era making money over here.
    I pray God, wanna see Thunder alive on stage in Moscow.Please! Welcome to Russia
Tracy Green 11 Mar 2016
    Would absolutely love it if, in future, you could produce larger t-shirts, say in 3XL, as I would love to wear one but I can't as they don't fit!!! As Thunder is one of my favourite bands, I would buy several that's for sure!!! Thanks for everything boys - you're brilliant!!!
marcia rodmell 21 Nov 2015
    quality stuff love my vinyl no middle men love the site !
steve hyde 6 Oct 2015
    hi guys good to have you back does not seem 25 years ago i saw you at donnington 1990 wonder days is the best album yet see you in osnabrück steve and julie and cameron