0316 Pick Pack Set 2

Discontinued Product
0316 Pick Pack Set 2
New pick packs now available!

Printed on both sides. This pick set features 5 classic Thunder album covers and the Thunder logo.

The front of each pick is shown here at the top and the back is underneath (so 5 picks x front and back = 10 images).

We're told Thunder picks are the best in the world. We're not sure about that, but whilst they may not make you play any better, we're pretty certain you won't play any worse..

Worldwide rock stardom awaits, or if you don't fancy that, why don't you just collect them?

Pick thickness: .81mm (equivalent to a Medium thickness).

Once these are gone they will not be re-ordered, as the plan is to make several sets in small numbers, so they become collectors items. Get them while you can..

Less than 50 sets left in stock.